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How Deepanjali Got Canada Study Visa After 25 Years Gap?

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“The Story of Deepanjali Sachdeva, an Indian teacher and how she got her Canada Study Visa after 25 years gap in education.”

Canada welcomes thousands of international students from all backgrounds each year. These students come to the country to take advantage of the top-ranked Canadian Colleges and Universities renowned globally.

While most students who come to Canada are young people pursuing their first degree or diploma after high school, many mature students also come to the country to complete their higher education.

The Canadian Government has always welcomed students of all ages, provided that they meet the minimum requirements for a Canada student visa. This means it is possible to obtain a Canada Study Visa After 10 Years Gap or even 25 years. Let’s examine the case of a working professional from India who successfully obtained a Canada study visa after a long gap.

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Case Study: How Deepanjali Sachdeva Obtained a Student Visa After 25 Years

Deepanjali Sachdeva spent 25 years working in India’s education sector after completing her bachelor’s degree at a local University. She eventually realized she had reached a ceiling in her profession and needed a Master’s degree in Education to advance further in her career.

She looked for suitable programs at Colleges and Universities in India, but she could not find any that met her requirements. She then decided to pursue her master’s degree at a foreign University.

Deepanjali initially considered studying in the UK as it was closer to her home country. However, she set her sights on Canada after learning it was a popular destination for Indian international students. She then reached out to immigration agencies in India, hoping to start the application process for a student visa.

However, each one informed her that it wouldn’t be possible for her to get a Canada study visa after 10 years gap.

Canada Study visa after 10 years gap

Deepanjali in her University premises in Kamloops.

Initial Struggle with Local Immigration Agents

Some of these agencies also discouraged her from applying for admission to Canadian Universities, stating that they wouldn’t admit mature students with such a long education gap to their programs and that she might be able to get admission to a Canadian College instead.

Other agencies stated that she would need to obtain Canadian permanent residence before applying for University programs to boost her chances of receiving admission.

None of this advice suited Deepanjali, as she had no desire to settle in Canada or to study at a Canadian college instead of a University. She began losing hope and had almost given up before one of her friends told her about Elaar Immigration, a Canadian immigration firm led by Keshav Sharma, a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

Luckily, the ELAAR Immigration team had extensive experience with the Canadian study visa after 5 to 25 years of Gap.

Journey with ELAAR Immigration

Deepanjali set up a meeting with Keshav and asked him about her chances of coming to Canada as a mature student. To her surprise, Keshav assured her that it would be possible for her to obtain admission to a Canadian University and receive a student visa by creating the right kind of application.

He explained that prospective mature students needed to create a compelling story to convince Canadian visa officers to issue them a student visa and that she would need the assistance of experienced immigration consultants to do this properly.

This meeting renewed Deepanjali’s hopes of studying in Canada, and she began the application process immediately under Elaar Immigration’s guidance. She first gathered her high school and University education transcripts and then gave an IELTS exam.

canada student visa after 7 years gap

University Selection

After receiving a good score on her IELTS exam, she submitted applications to five Canadian Universities that Elaar Immigration had recommended. Keshav and the Elaar team created this recommended Universities list after assessing dozens of options and narrowing down the top five choices based on Deepanjali’s requirements and background.

Received Letters of Acceptance from 2 Universities

A few months later, Deepanjali received a letter of acceptance from the University of Prince Edward Island. Prince Edward Island wasn’t her top choice as she wanted to study in a region with a warmer climate. However, she was grateful to have received admission from a Canadian University.

Deepanjali later received a letter of acceptance from Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops. She had heard positive things about Kamloops from her peers, so she decided to pursue her Master’s Degree there.

Canada Study Visa Application Process

With her University admission sorted, Deepanjali completed her study visa application forms with Keshav helping her each step of the way. She then completed her biometrics in New Delhi before Elaar Immigration submitted her completed application online.

Deepanjali then waited for Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to assess her application and send her their decision.

After two weeks, she was delighted to learn that Canadian immigration officers had approved her application for a Canada Student Visa from India. She then informed Elaar Immigration about the news and accepted her admission offer from Thompson River University.

Studies and Life in Canada

Deepanjali started her studies at Thompson River University in September 2019 and completed her program in 2021. Her family visited her in Canada while she was a student. After spending some time in Canada, she fell in love with the country. Now, she is advancing her career with a Master’s degree in Canada.

She credits Keshav and his team at Elaar Immigration for making her dream to study abroad possible when everyone else said it wasn’t.

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Canada Study Visa 5 years Gap

Helping Mature Students with Canada Study Visa

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Deepanjali Sachdeva’s story is one of the many success stories we helped create at Elaar Immigration. Our immigration consultants understand mature students’ concerns and the uncertainty they experience in knowing whether a gap is acceptable in Canada after the 12th year of education.

We can help you chart a suitable path to complete your higher education in Canada and assist you with each step of the application process. Please Book a consultation with our experts here.

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