A Complete Guide to Canadian Family Sponsorship

Bring your spouse, parents, grandparents and dependent children to Canada through Canadian Family Sponsorship Visa. A complete guide to Family Sponsorship Canada, its types, requirements, processing times and fees.

Canadian citizens and permanent residents may be interested in bringing their families to Canada. This can be possible with the help of Family Sponsorship Canada. You can sponsor a family member, including your parents, grandparents, spouse or common-law partner, and dependent children, to Canada through Family Reunification. This comprehensive guide will discuss the types of Canadian Family Sponsorship Visa Programs and how you can bring your loved ones to Canada.

What is Canadian Family Sponsorship?

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) introduced the Canadian Family Sponsorship Visa Program to help Canadian citizens and permanent residents bring their relatives to Canada. These relatives can study, work, or live in the country if approved.

  • Who is eligible for Canadian Family Sponsorship?
  • How to Bring Your Relatives to Canada?
  • Major types of Family Sponsorship Visas

Types of Canadian Family Sponsorship Programs

IRCC currently offers Family Sponsorship Visa Options for the following groups:

  • Spousal Sponsorship – Sponsor your spouse or common-law partner to Canada
  • Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship – Bring your parents or grandparents to Canada
  • Super Visa (Parents and Grandparents) – Multiple entry visa for parents and grandparents
  • Dependent Visa – Bring your dependent children to Canada less than 22 years of age
Canadian family sponsorship visa

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Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship Visa

You can sponsor your parents or grandparents via the parent and grandparent sponsorship program. To do this, you must:

  • Prove that you can financially support them according to the Minimum Necessary Income (MNI) requirement.
  • Agree to support any family members that they choose to sponsor.

Super Visa for Parents and Grandparents

Some Canadian citizens or permanent residents may not be able to support their parents and grandparents under the above visa conditions. Such individuals can help their parents and grandparents attain a long-term multiple-entry visa called the Super Visa. To do this, applicants must:

  • Count as a parent or grandparent of a Canadian permanent resident or citizen.
  • Possess medical insurance from a qualifying Canadian insurance company.

Sponsorship applicants must also complete a medical exam before submitting their application.

Dependent Children Sponsorship

IRCC’s Child Sponsorship program allows permanent residents and citizens to bring their biological or adopted children to Canada. These children must be:

  • Under the age of 22
  • Unmarried and may not have children of their own

Children above the age of 22 could be considered dependent if they have a severe physical or mental health condition that hinders their ability to support themselves.

Sponsoring a Relative to Canada

It may be possible to sponsor an extended relative under exceptional circumstances. This situation typically applies to relatives classified as “Lonely Canadians.” These are individuals without a spouse, children, parents, or grandparents.

Canadian Spousal Sponsorship

You can use the Canadian Family Sponsorship visa to sponsor your spouse or common-law partner to Canada. There are two different types of Canadian spousal sponsorship applications:

1. Inland Spousal Sponsorship

You can sponsor your spouse or your common-law partner who is currently in Canada only if:

  • You are already a Canadian permanent resident or citizen of Canada.
  • You currently live in Canada or intend to return to Canada after your spouse receives permanent resident status.
  • You are willing and capable of covering your spouse’s financial needs for three years.

2. Outland Spousal Sponsorship

You can sponsor your spouse or common-law partner who is currently outside Canada only if:

  • You are already a Canadian permanent resident or citizen of Canada
  • You cannot apply from within Canada or do not lawfully reside in Canada while your spouse’s application is in process.

Canadian Family Sponsorship Requirements

The requirements for Canadian Family Sponsorship vary depending on the exact program.

Who is Eligible for Family Sponsorship Class?

  • Parents and Grandparents
  • Spouses, common-law partners
  • Dependent children

Who is Not Eligible for Family Sponsorship Visa?

  • You are under the age of 18
  • You won’t be living in Canada when the person you are sponsoring becomes a permanent resident.
  • You are not a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or someone registered under the Canadian Indian Act.
  • You are a temporary resident. This includes anyone working, studying, or visiting Canada under a visa or permit.
  • You do not possess enough funds to support the person you are sponsoring (if applicable)
  • You have already submitted an application to sponsor a relative and are awaiting a decision.
  • You are still financially responsible for supporting a previously sponsored relative.
  • You are in prison, jail, or a penitentiary.
  • You have failed to pay back a performance bond, immigrant loan, or court-ordered family support payments.
  • You have declared bankruptcy and were not discharged.
  • You have received social assistance for a reason outside of a disability.
  • You have been convicted of committing or threatening to commit a violent criminal offence if you have committed an offence against a relative or a sexual offence outside or inside Canada.
  • You have been ordered to leave Canada via a Removal Order.

Those who wish to sponsor a spouse must also meet the added condition of not being sponsored by a spouse or partner. They must also not have become a permanent resident less than five years ago.

Canada Family Sponsorship Visa

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Step-By-Step Canadian Family Sponsorship Visa

Here is a step-by-step process for the Canadian Family Sponsorship Visa application process:

STEP 1: Obtain an Application Package

The first step toward your Canadian Family Sponsorship visa application would be to download the application package. It includes the Document checklist for Family Sponsorship Visa, forms, and an instruction guide.

STEP 2: Pay the Application Fees

After that, you must pay the Canadian family sponsorship application processing fees, right of permanent residence fees and biometrics fees. These application fees can be paid online at the IRCC website.

STEP 3: Submit Your Family Sponsorship Application

Once you have gathered the relevant documents and completed your application, you can mail it to a specific address. The mailing instructions and address will be given in the application guide.

STEP 4: Submit Additional Information

IRCC may ask for additional information while your application is processing. This may include medical exams, police clearance certificates and biometrics.

STEP 5: Move to Canada

If your family sponsorship application is approved, your spouse can get permanent residency and fly to Canada.

FAQs: Canadian Family Sponsorship

Frequently asked questions about the Canadian Family Sponsorship Visa are mentioned below.

How much does it normally cost to sponsor a family member in Canada?

  • Parent or Grandparent: CAN$1,050
  • Parent or Grandparent without the right of permanent residence fee: CAN$550
  • Parent or Grandparent’s spouse or partner: CAN$1,050
  • Parent or Grandparent’s spouse or partner without the right of permanent residence fee: CAN$550
  • Parent or Grandparent’s dependent child: CAN$150

How to check the status of my sponsorship application?

If you have applied online, you can check your status at the IRCC website. If you applied using a paper-based method, you can contact IRCC to learn about the status of the sponsorship application.

What is the deadline for Canadian Sponsorship applications?

It is possible to sponsor a child or spouse at any given time. This is assuming they meet the requirements for their specific sponsorship program. Citizens or permanent residents who wish to sponsor their parents or grandparents will require an invitation. They must then submit their application before a certain deadline.

How much income is required for Canadian family sponsorship?

You will need to possess a minimum income if you wish to sponsor parents, grandparents, orphaned relatives, or individuals under the “Lonely Canadians” policy. This amounts to approximately CAN$32,000 for two people. There is currently no minimum income requirement for sponsoring a spouse. However, you will need to demonstrate you can support their basic needs for a minimum of three years.

Can you be a family sponsor if you are unemployed?

Yes, you can be a sponsor if you are unemployed. You must still demonstrate that you can afford to support your relatives by providing proof of income for the past three years.

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How long does the sponsorship process take?

Post-secondary schools include College and University.

The sponsorship process typically takes 12 months. This process may take longer if IRCC demands special proof of your relationship with the sponsored individual.

How to bring my brother or sister to Canada?

You cannot bring your brother or sister to Canada except under special circumstances. Such a circumstance may include if:

  • They are under 18
  • They are orphaned
  • They are single
  • They are related to you. This relation could be through blood or through adoption.

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Can I sponsor my fiancé for Canada?

You cannot sponsor your fiance to come to Canada. However, they may qualify for sponsorship if they count as a common-law partner.

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Can I sponsor my boyfriend/girlfriend to come to Canada?

You can sponsor your boyfriend/girlfriend only if they count as a common-law partner.

Is there an upper age limit for sponsorship in Canada?

There is no upper age limit for sponsorship in Canada. This means you can sponsor your grandparents at any age. However, you will still need to ensure they meet the other eligibility requirements under the Parents and Grandparents Visa sponsorship category. Please get in touch with Elaar Immigration Consulting to learn more about the Family Sponsorship programs and how to bring your relatives to Canada.

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