A Guide to SINP Entrepreneur Stream and its Categories

Immigrate to Canada as a foreign entrepreneur or a farmer owner/ operator through SINP Entrepreneur Stream. Check your eligibility now.

Saskatchewan is one of Canada’s most unique provinces. This land-locked province is known for its flat prairie landscapes and resource-based economy. Numerous entrepreneurs immigrate to Saskatchewan each year and set up businesses to benefit from its lucrative business environment.

SINP Entrepreneur Stream

The province currently offers three business immigration categories under SINP Entrepreneur Stream to attract such individuals. These are:

  • Entrepreneur Category
  • International Graduate Entrepreneur Category
  • Farm Owner and Operator Category

Each of these SINP Entrepreneur Stream categories has distinct requirements and application processes. This guide will summarize each one.

SINP - Entrepreneur Category

The Entrepreneur Category is for foreign entrepreneurs who plan to set up or purchase a business in Saskatchewan. The province introduced this category under the SINP Entrepreneur Stream because it benefits the economy and creates jobs for Saskatchewan residents.

Program Basic Requirements

  • Minimum Net Worth: $500,000 CAD
  • Minimum Investment: $300,000 CAD (in Saskatoon or Regina), $200,000 CAD for businesses in other parts.
  • Ownership: 33.3% or greater.  Not required if you invest $1 million CAD or above.
  • Experience: Min. 3 years in business management or an entrepreneurial role.
  • Job Creation: 2 or more (Mandatory)
Application Process

SINP - International Graduate Entrepreneur Category

The SINP International Graduate Entrepreneur category is for international students who have graduated from a Saskatchewan College or University and intend to start, acquire, and operate a business in the province.

Program Basic Requirements

  • Age: Graduates must be over the age of 21.
  • Ownership: 33.3% or greater.
  • Minimum Business Revenue: Variable depending on the. of employees.
  • Experience: Min. 3 years as a business owner, or 4 years in a senior management role.
  • Education: Completed a program lasting 2 or more years at a Saskatchewan College or University.
  • Language Proficiency: CLB7 or Above in English or French.
  • Work Permit: PGWP Mandatory.
Application Process

SINP - Farm Owner/Operator Category

The Farm Owner/Operator Category is for entrepreneurs with farm ownership and operation experience who want to acquire and run a farm in the province. Successful applicants and their families will receive permanent resident status if they thrive under this category of the SINP Entrepreneur Stream.

Program Basic Requirements

  • Minimum Net-Worth: $500,000 CAD
  • Minimum Investment: $150,000 CAD
  • Experience: 3 years of farm experience.
  • Intent Grid Score: minimum 55 points
  • Ownership: 33.3% or more. Not required if you invest $1 Million CAD or more.
Application Process

SINP - Young Farmer Stream

The SINP-Young Farmer Stream is a subcategory of the Farmer Owner/ Operator Category of the SINP Entrepreneur Stream. It assists young farmers and their families in establishing an agricultural business and settling in Saskatchewan’s rural communities.

Program Basic Requirements

  • Age: Less than 40.
  • Minimum Net Worth: $300,000 CAD
  • Ownership: 33.3% or more. Not required if you invest $1 Million CAD or more.
  • Experience: Min. 3 years of farm operation experience.
  • Intent Grid Score: Minimum 55 points
  • Common-Law Partner or Spouse’s Skills and Experience: Relevant experience to support the farm business is mandatory.
Application Process

How ELAAR can help you?

Prospective entrepreneurs, international graduates, and farmers who wish to apply for the SINP Entrepreneur Stream should contact us. Our team of Regulated Immigration Consultants is familiar with the various Saskatchewan PNP Entrepreneur programs and can help optimize your application and succeed under your chosen program.


FAQ: SINP Entrepreneurs Immigration


1. What is the minimum investment required for the SINP Entrepreneur stream and its categories?

The minimum investment amount depends on the location of the business. Urban areas require a minimum investment of $300,000 CAD, whereas rural areas need $200,000 CAD.

2. Does a candidate need a business plan for applying for the SINP Entrepreneur stream?

Yes. It is mandatory to demonstrate a detailed business plan in the application. It must include the type of business venture, feasibility, market research, financial goals and other critical details.

3. Is there any age limit for the stream?

Technically there is no age limit for this stream, but it is recommended the candidate must be less than 60 years old.

4. Does it is mandatory to live in Saskatchewan to operate the business?

Yes. It is mandatory to operate and manage the business from Saskatchewan.

5. Is there a cap on the number of applications accepted?

The program may limit the number of applications accepted or periodically pause intake to manage application volumes. It’s essential to check the program’s status regularly.

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