French Canadian, proud and strong

Quebec is perhaps, one of the most unique provinces in Canada due to the significant French-Canadian population (French is the only official provincial language) and historic roots. Those looking to settle in Quebec must obviously have French language skills and some employers require English as well (such as many of those in Montreal). The province is beautiful with varying climates and sights from the south (which borders the United States) to the north. Those who move to Quebec often say they would never choose to live anywhere else.

As a unique province, there are also unique rules around Quebec Immigration.

More than eight million people call Quebec home and Montreal was the largest city in Canada up until the 1970s when Toronto took the distinction. It is possible to join the province through permanent worker, business person, temporary worker, foreign student, family reunification and humanitarian pathways. The list of in-demand jobs in Quebec is extensive including management, sales professionals, librarians, engineers and many, many others.

Permanent workers can apply through the skilled worker program which is a points-based system where the province establishes a point level applicants must reach in order to be considered to apply for entry into the province.

Business people can apply through the entrepreneur program, investor program or self-employed worker program. Self-employment is often said to be easy in Quebec because of the close-knit nature of the business community.

Other options for Quebec Immigration exist:

  • The Quebec Experience Class program is open to temporary foreign workers and foreign students.
  • Family reunification is possible when the sponsor is at least 18 years old, a Canadian resident living in Quebec and is sponsoring a close relative.
  • Humanitarian immigration is done in tandem with the government of Canada refugee program and applicants are assessed by Quebec for certain standards.
  • If you are interested in immigrating to Quebec, we can point you in the right direction.