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A team of passionate, licensed and experienced professionals dedicated to achieve one goal - to make your Canadian Dream a reality.

We make the complex simple!

ELAAR Immigration Consulting Inc. is a full-service Canada Immigration firm located in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada. Our goal is to simplify the process for immigrants while meeting their needs and wants.

Team ELAAR comprises professionals with the experience, knowledge, and expertise to ensure every step of the immigration process is handled professionally and promptly. Despite its challenges, the industry we work in changes lives. With hundreds of options available, we are ready to provide our clients with the options they need, whether they wish to come to Canada to work, study, visit, or establish a thriving business.

"We manage the entire process from beginning to end and present our clients in the best possible light"

What Makes Us Unique?

We manage our clients’ immigration journeys with a personal touch, taking care of the tiniest details.
It’s an approach not often seen in our industry but makes a difference to our clients in all aspects of their Canadian immigration process. We take pride in setting the bar in our industry. By walking hand-in-hand with our clients and taking care of their needs, we ensure their Canadian experience starts on a positive footing. Our clients appreciate the specialized support we provide.

Our Mission

Our process is customized for people, not numbers. We at ELAAR believe in making Canada Immigration a respectful, positive journey for everyone. We respond to your unique needs as we explore all options to develop a personalized, professional strategy from a complete suite of immigration services. Our sole focus is delivering end-to-end immigration solutions that respect your values.

Our Vision

We dream of a world filled with diversity, harmony, and a better life for those planning to start over in a new country – this drives ELAAR Immigration Consulting to lead the industry in ethical, respectful immigration solutions. Earning the respect of our clients, peers, and stakeholders is the only way we move forward, so we strive to create positive change for immigrants in everything we do.

Our Values

People first – To us, it is a relationship, not a transaction. We believe in treating people like the amazing, unique individuals they are. Our client’s success is also our success, so we listen, care, and embrace diversity with every client.

Integrity – At ELAAR, we built on the principle of doing the right thing even when no one will know. We apply the highest standards of professionalism, education, and dedication to everything we do.

Giving back with empathy – When working with clients, we bring empathy, sincerity, and genuine human touch to the table – whether it’s a board room table, a kitchen table, or a bench in a park – we share who we are and what we know to help others achieve their dreams.

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Our Team

"We know what it’s like to immigrate to Canada. We’re immigrants too."

Your immigration journey is unique, and we want to make it as easy for you as possible. We’ve known the ins and outs of immigrating to Canada because we experienced our immigration journey. To that personal experience, we add licensing, training, and certification as Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants to help others come to Canada.

Keshav Sharma Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant in Surrey BC

Keshav Sharma

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC)

Keshav Sharma has worked in the marketing and media business marketplace in India and Canada for more than 20 years. When he went through his immigration journey in 2010, Keshav found a much deeper passion – helping others with what can often be the most significant change in their life – immigrating to a new country.

Kawal Sharma

Talent Acquisition Director (CPHR)

A human resources and administration professional for more than a decade, Kawal Sharma knows that helping others reach their goals takes a lot of effort. When one of those goals is immigrating to Canada, Kawal looks to her personal experience of coming to the country in 2010 to remind her of how complex the process can be.

Why Choose Us?

Thorough and complete processes: We look at the process of immigration thoroughly – assessing the right fit for you from more than 60 types of visas and programs available.

Individualized and personalized: We bring a personal touch to the process – treating you like the unique individual you are while working with the utmost integrity and professionalism possible.

Eliminating the hurdles: We are always on the lookout for challenges in the process to make the immigration journey as simple as possible for you.

Holistic picture of your life: We consider all aspects of your life carefully including  employment, family, studies, visiting and settling in Canada for the best outcome.

Proactive in today’s immigration: We stay on top of changing immigration laws to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.

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