BC PNP Employer Requirements

Eligible employers must support skilled workers applying for BC PNP by meeting the specific eligibility requirements for BC Employers.

If you want to immigrate to Canada through the BC Provincial Nominee Program under the Skills Immigration and Express Entry BC streams, you will need to be supported by an eligible employer. Your employer will have to meet specific requirements to be able to maintain your application.

Requirements for BC Employers

The main requirements for the employer include the following:

1. Basic Requirements

  • Your employer must be a reputable organization in BC.
  • They must prove to be a respectable workplace with decent business practices.
  • They need to provide you with full-time, permanent employment and make you an offer.
  • Your employer will have to offer you proper wages in line with the industry standards.
  • They need to meet domestic labour market recruitment requirements.
  • They need to sign an employer declaration.

2. Application Specific Requirements

The employer will need to fulfill specific responsibilities towards your application:

  • They will need to issue you a written job offer stating all the conditions of your employment.
  • They will have to fill out all the applicable sections on your application forms.
  • They must notify the BC PNP if the status of your employment changes. This includes your promotion or termination, layoff, or long-term leave.
  • Changes in the business itself might also affect your application.

3. Eligibile Business Requirements

Your employer suitable for the BC PNP program might be a business company and a public sector or a non-profit organization located in the province of BC. The list of eligible organizations, apart from businesses, includes:

  • regional and provincial healthcare authorities and agencies;
  • post-secondary education and training institutions;
  • private, non-profit post-secondary institutions;
  • institutions that do scientific research and are provided support by the Government of Canada or the Province of BC;
  • provincial/federal/municipal government organizations and agencies;
  • other non-profit groups registered as charitable organizations.

Important Documents:

Ineligible Businesses

Some employers will not be approved to support your Canada PR under the British Columbia PNP program. Such businesses include:

  • Employers that deal with producing, distributing, or selling pornographic or sexually explicit products or providing sexually oriented entertainment or services.
  • Employment agencies and similar firms, unless they work as a mitigator in the relationship between the employer and employee.
  • Any other type of business that could possibly discredit the BC PNP or the Government of British Columbia.

Meet BC PNP Employer Requirements

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