A Guide to New Brunswick Business Immigration Stream

Get Canadian permanent residence as an Entrepreneur or a Post-Graduate Entrepreneur through the New Brunswick Business Immigration Stream.

Canada’s New Brunswick province attracts numerous immigrants each year. This maritime province is known for its scenic inland rivers, lighthouses, and ever-expanding resource-based economy. Many entrepreneurs move to New Brunswick to take advantage of the economic opportunities.

New Brunswick’s provincial government has introduced two immigration programs to attract prospective entrepreneurs and get them to set up and operate valuable businesses in the region. This guide will look at these two programs New Brunswick Business Immigration Stream, their requirements, and how you can apply.

New Brunswick Business Immigration Stream

The New Brunswick Business Immigration Stream provides programs under the NBPNP. This stream was set up to attract foreign entrepreneurs and graduates who can set up or acquire businesses to benefit the New Brunswick economy. It is overseen by the Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour (PETL)

New Brunswick currently offers the following entrepreneur immigration Canada business programs:

  • New Brunswick Entrepreneurial Stream
  • New Brunswick Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream

New Brunswick Entrepreneurial Stream

The New Brunswick Entrepreneurial Stream is for foreign entrepreneurs and senior managers who intend to set up, purchase, operate, and manage a business while living in this province. Prospective applicants must meet the New Brunswick Business Immigration Stream’s entrepreneur category requirements before applying.

Program Basic Requirements

  • Age: 22-55
  • Minimum Net Worth: $600,000 CAD (out of which $300,000 CAD must be liquid)
  • Minimum Investment: $300,000 CAD (in Saskatoon or Regina), $200,000 CAD for businesses in other parts.
  • Ownership: 33.3% or greater.
  • Experience: Min. 3 years in business management or an entrepreneurial role.
  • Education: Two-year college or university program equivalent to the Canadian standard (ECA required).
  • Language Proficiency: CLB 5 or NCLC 5 (English or French)
Application Process

New Brunswick Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Steam

The New Brunswick Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream is for foreign students who have completed a program lasting two years or more at the province’s colleges or universities. Such candidates have already started or purchased a business and have been operating it in this province for over a year while possessing a valid Post-Graduate Work Permit.

Program Basic Requirements

  • Age: Between 22-34
  • Ownership: 33.3% or greater.
  • Minimum Business Revenue: Variable depending on the. of employees.
  • Education: Completed a program lasting 2 or more years at New Brunswick College or University.
  • Language Proficiency: CLB 5 or NCLC 7 in English or French.
  • Job Creation: 1 or more (Mandatory)
  • Work Permit: PGWP (Mandatory).
Application Process

How ELAAR can help you?

Prospective entrepreneurs and post-graduates who intend to apply for New Brunswick Business Immigration Stream should contact us. Keshav Sharma is a Regulated Immigration Consultant who leads our exceptional team and is familiar with the entrepreneur immigration streams mentioned above.

We understand the challenges associated with creating a business concept and running a business and can ensure your application is in line with the province’s latest requirements. Please reach out to us and start your Canada immigration journey to New Brunswick under our guidance today.


FAQ: Brunswick Business Immigration Stream


1. What is the minimum investment required for Business Immigration in New Brunswick?

The minimum investment and personal net worth depend on the region where the business will be established. The amount may vary in the Moncton, Saint John, or other areas of New Brunswick.

2. Are there any restrictions on the type of business that can be established or purchased?

The primary goal of this immigration program is to uplift the economy of the province, so all businesses that actively contribute to the economy and beneficial to the community are allowed. In addition, the business must create or maintain employment for Canadian residents or permanent residents of Brunswick.

3. What will be the business requirements?

Applicants to the New Brunswick Entrepreneurial Stream must begin a new business or acquire an existing one in New Brunswick. In any scenario, the nominee must hold at least one-third (33.3%) of the company and actively participate in the management. The company must be economically beneficial to the province of New Brunswick. It must be a for-profit, private-sector enterprise. In addition, the company must provide at least two full-time positions for Canadian permanent residents or citizens.

Apply for New Brunswick Business Immigration Stream

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