A Guide to MPNP Business Investor Stream Pathways

Immigrate to Canada as a foreign entrepreneur or a farmer through the MPNP Business Investor Stream. Check your eligibility now.

Canada’s Manitoba province is known for its numerous lakes and ethnically diverse population. Its agriculture, forestry, and mining industries also attract foreign workers worldwide. Many entrepreneurs move to Manitoba yearly to benefit from the province’s ever-expanding economy.

The province offers several immigration programs to help attract entrepreneurs and encourage them to start and operate businesses there. This guide will examine the different MPNP Business Investor Stream pathways and their requirements.

MPNP Business Investor Stream

The MPNP Business Investor Stream offers a route for foreign entrepreneurs and farmers to receive a provincial nomination. Nominees can then use this nomination to apply for permanent resident status with Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Manitoba currently offers two business immigration pathways. These are:

  • Entrepreneur Pathway
  • Farm Investor Pathway

This guide will cover the requirements and application process for MPNP Business Investor Stream Programs.

MPNP Entrepreneur Pathway

The Entrepreneur Pathway is a popular option under MPNP Business Investor Stream. This program is suited for foreign entrepreneurs who want to set up and operate a business in the province. The province started this program to encourage foreign investments, grow the economy, and create new jobs for Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

Prospective entrepreneurs should understand the eligibility requirements and application process before applying to this MPNP Business Investor Stream pathway.

Program Basic Requirements

  • Minimum Net Worth: $500,000 CAD
  • Ownership: 33.3% or greater.
  • Experience: Min. 3 years in business ownership or senior management role.
  • Language Proficiency: CLB5 or NCLC5 or higher (English or French)
  • Education: Completed high school and possess a certificate.
Application Process

MPNP Farm Investor Pathway

The Farm Investor Pathway (FIP) is for foreign farmers who intend to start, purchase, and operate a farm in the province. This immigration pathway under MPNP Business Investor Stream is an excellent choice for people with farming experience as the province has large regions of flat and fertile land well-suited for farming.

Program Basic Requirements

  • Minimum Net Worth: $500,000 CAD
  • Farm Ownership and Work Experience: 3 years
  • Proving Adaptability: Mandatory
  • Exploratory Visit: Mandatory
  • Refundable Deposit: $75,000 CAD
  • Business Plan: Mandatory
Application Process

How ELAAR can help you?

Prospective entrepreneurs and farmers who intend to apply for one of the MPNP Business Investor Stream pathways can get in touch with our experts. Our team of Regulated Immigration Consultants is familiar with both the entrepreneur immigration pathways under the Manitoba PNP and can guide you with the application process.

They can utilize their knowledge to optimize your application and improve your odds of succeeding in your chosen MPNP Business Investor Stream program. Start your Canada immigration journey under the guidance of professionals at Elaar Immigration today.

FAQ: MPNP Business Investor Streams


1. Can the MPNP issue an invitation letter to conduct a business research visit in Manitoba?

Business research is not a mandatory requirement for MPNP. The candidate must apply for a visitor’s visa to Canada, and MPNP does not provide any invitation letter to candidates.

2. Is it mandatory to meet the minimum education requirement of MPNP when a candidate is a graduate from a country

where the education system is only equivalent to Grade 10 in Canada?
In most provinces and territories in Canada, high school runs from Grades 9 to 12.

3. Can any change be possible in EOI after a candidate receives a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA)?

If it is a very critical change, then the candidate must first inform the MPNP. Alternatively, a candidate could decline the LAA issued and resubmit an EOI with additional or accurate information.

4. Can a candidate count his or her dependent children’s assets into their net worth?

Yes. The dependent non-locked assets can be included in the candidate’s net worth.
Does the MPNP help a candidate identify potential business opportunities in Manitoba?
The MPNP does not directly or indirectly endorse any business opportunities, and it also does not have any businesses for sale. Nevertheless, the MPNP could provide necessary information which will help a candidate’s research.

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