Manitoba Human Capital Pathway

The Manitoba Human Capital Pathway is one of several immigration streams within the Skilled Workers Overseas Category of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programme (MPNP), a Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP) run by the province of Manitoba. The Manitoba Human Capital Pathway seeks foreign nationals with skills and training in one of Manitoba’s In-Demand Occupations who have the potential to contribute to the province’s labour force on a long-term basis. The MPNP Human Capital Pathway does not require an Express Entry profile.

Manitoba Human Capital Pathway Eligibility Overview

The Manitoba Human Capital Pathway is a part of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) that targets foreign nationals with skills and training in one of Manitoba’s In-Demand Occupations. Here’s an overview of the eligibility criteria:


Candidates must be 18 years or older. While there is no upper age limit, points are not awarded to candidates older than 45.


Candidates need at least six months of full-time work experience in one of the Manitoba In-Demand Occupations. More work experience than the minimum requirement can earn additional points.

Language Ability

Language eligibility depends on the candidate’s assessed employment skill level:

  • Minimum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7 for Regulated Occupations
  • Minimum CLB 6 for Compulsory Trades
  • Minimum CLB 5 for all other NOC 0, 1, 2, or 3 occupations


Candidates must have completed a post-secondary program of a minimum of one year (Canadian equivalent). If the occupation requires a license or certification, candidates must have their qualifications evaluated by a recognized regulatory body in Canada.


Candidates must demonstrate their intent to live in Manitoba and contribute to the community. This can be shown through:

  • Strong support of a relative or a close friend who has lived in Manitoba for a minimum of 1 year
  • Five years of experience in Manitoba within the past 5 years
  • Completion of a post-secondary education in Manitoba within the past 5 years
  • Holding a valid Invitation to Apply issued by the MPNP

Settlement Fund

Candidates must have enough liquid funds equivalent to the Low Income Cut-Off (LICO).

How to Apply for Manitoba Human Capital Pathway?

You can acquire a Canadian permanent residence in a few steps through the Human Capital Pathway.

Step 1: Eligibility Assessment First and foremost is the assessment of your eligibility. You must score at least 60 points (out of 100).

Step 2: Create Expression of Interest (EOI) Profile If you are eligible according to the above-mentioned eligibility criteria, you need to create an Expression of Interest (EOI) profile for skilled works. At this step, you will be officially designated as a candidate.

Step 3: Credential Assessment Once you have done with the EOI, you will now be assigned a score out of 1000 based on your credentials under the provincial unique ranking system for skilled workers.

Step 4: Nomination Draw The nomination draw happens periodically. Manitoba immigration authorities will issue a letter to the highest-scoring candidates for a provincial nomination.

Step 5: Apply for Provincial Nomination At this stage, you are eligible to apply for a base provincial nomination under MPNP. Your application will be processed outside of Express Entry.

Step 6: Apply for Permanent Residence In the last stage, you may then apply for your permanent residence to the federal immigration authority.

How Can ELAAR Guide You?

At ELAAR, we are dedicated to turning aspirations into reality by delivering professional and ethical immigration services to our clients. Recognizing the aspirations of families and individuals seeking a better future in Canada, we guide candidates through the intricate journey of immigration, ensuring a smooth process.

  • We assist candidates with all documentation and online submissions for the MPNP Human Capital Pathway.
  • Our team addresses queries, provides regular updates, and offers reassurance throughout the immigration process.
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FAQs: Manitoba Human Capital Pathway

These are some frequently asked questions about the Manitoba Human Capital Pathway.

How can a candidate demonstrate their connection to Manitoba?

You can apply for the Manitoba Human Capital Pathway from outside Canada. The program targets international skilled worker applicants with skills and training aligned with Manitoba’s published in-demand occupations list.

What is the difference between the Manitoba Human Capital Pathway and Manitoba Express Entry?

The main difference between the Manitoba Human Capital Pathway and Manitoba Express Entry lies in their connection with the federal Express Entry system. The Manitoba Human Capital Pathway is not linked to the federal Express Entry system, meaning potential candidates do not need an Express Entry profile to apply.

On the other hand, the Manitoba Express Entry Pathway is for candidates demonstrating high human capital with skills, training, and experience related to Manitoba’s In-demand Occupations list and a strong family connection to Manitoba. This Pathway is open to candidates with Express Entry criteria and an active Express Entry profile.

Is a job offer required for the Manitoba Human Capital Pathway?

No, a job offer is not required to apply for the Manitoba Human Capital Pathway. However, you need to be working in an occupation that is considered “in demand” in Manitoba.

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